Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are pooled funds of investors who share a common financial goal which is managed by a professional fund manager. You can invest in Mutual Funds through your AB Capital Online Stock Trading Account.

Make Money in Two Ways


Income earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds.


Increase in the price of securities (Capital Gain)

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Advantages and Benefits

Low Cost & High Liquidity

Low Cost & High Liquidity

There is no 'Front - End' fee that is being charged upon initial investment. Investors can sell their holdings in mutual fund investments anytime without worrying about finding a buyer at the right price.



Mutual funds aim to reduce the volatility of returns by placing in different types of investment thus inherently balancing risk across various outlets. Investors of mutual funds attain the benefit of diversification as mutual funds are invested in a wide range of securities.

Professionally Managed

Professionally Managed

Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers who analyze the market as well as which stocks and/or bonds to buy or sell in the portfolio of a fund on a daily basis. Mutual fund investors can save time and energy as well as avoid the frustrations involved in research and analysis - they can do more of the things in life that they enjoy.

Kinds of Funds

Equity Fund

Funds which are invested in stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. This fund is aggressive and riskiest among the funds but gives the highest return over long-term.

Balanced Fund

Funds are allocated to both stocks and bonds. Ideal for medium to long term investors. It is a combination of stability and growth investment.

Bond Fund

Funds composed of debt instruments issued by the government or private corporations. Ideal for risk-averse investors, for retirees who start/or those who are new to investing.

Money Market Fund

Funds are allocated to bonds. Considered to be the safest among the funds but with the lowest return. Ideal for capital preservation.

Mutual Funds Information & Performance

Mutual Funds Information & Performance Table

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